Collar and Leash - A slip lead is adequate for young puppies, and will help prevent a frightened pup from "backing out of his collar" and escaping. A buckle collar with a 6' snap leash or retractable leash is also recommended.

Name Tag or Microchip - No puppy or dog should be without an ID tag and/or microchip (painless implant by a veterinarian.)  A puppy should wear a collar and ID tag as soon as you bring him home.  Be sure to replace your dog’s ID tag if you change your address or phone number.

Food and Water Bowls – Choose quart size bowls that are sturdy enough not to tip over, such as ceramic.  Plastic bowls are often chewed, grow bacteria, and can cause depigmentation on a dog's nose (snow nose.)

Indestructible Chew Toys - Puppies need to chew while teething, so stock up on sturdy and safe chew toys.  Nylabone, Gumabone, Nylafloss, or hard rubber products are excellent choices for your puppy's need to chew. Rope toys are discouraged because the threads are often swallowed by puppy and wrap around intestines or cause intestinal blockages, which can be fatal. Rawhide products must be used with caution, as some dogs will swallow large pieces and choke, die or experience severe digestive problems.

Dog Crate – A blanket-lined crate is the perfect place to secure your puppy while you're away at work, your short trip to the store, for puppy's naps, or night time sleep.  Crating the puppy assures you that he will not get into mischief while you’re away.  A crate is also an excellent house-breaking tool.  As soon as you take the puppy out of his crate, carry him outside to eliminate.    Do not set him down or allow him to roam, as he will surely eliminate before you get him outside. The crate should not be too large or the puppy will use a far corner as a bathroom.  However, the crate should be large enough for the puppy to stand and turn around in.  NEVER USE A CRATE AS PUNISHMENT!!

Vari-Kennel (plastic airline approved crates) are light weight and easy to clean. This type also provides the dog more privacy and more of a den-like environment.


Wire crates are more airy, but offer less privacy and security. This type of crate is also much heavier than a plastic carrier. However, wire crates can be purchased with an adjustable divider to accommodate your growing puppy. 

Grooming Tools - You should have a Hound Glove, Zoom Groom, or soft brush and nail clippers. Regular grooming sessions not only keep your dog's coat healthy, they help build his trust in you.  As puppy grows, he will not like his toes touched.  Make a habit of touching your puppy’s toes and picking up his feet daily.  This will make grooming days and visits to the vet much more pleasant!

Kwik-stop Styptic Powder - Used to control bleeding , should you accidentally cut the "quick" when clipping nails.

Bitter Apple spray - discourages chewing of inappropriate items.