Boones Creek Beagles is located in northeast Tennessee and within 30 minutes of southwest Virginia. We have 30+ years experience in owning, hunting and raising Beagles. Boones Creek Beagles, in our opinion, raises proud-to-own rabbit hunting dogs as well as superb pets. Our dogs possess a strong nose, good stamina, good line control, honest mouth and the ability to drive a rabbit like it's tied to it! Basically, our dogs have a superb hunting desire and brains to boot! We raise Beagles for our own pleasure and for rabbit hunting with our friends. We run packs of 4 - 8 medium/fast dogs at a time. We have one or two AKC registered litters a year that we sell as pets and/or for hunting. Our tri-color Beagles are from the Gay bloodline, a close descendent of Frank Reese's bloodline.

Over the years, it has become more difficult to find hunting grounds. Farms have given in to subdivisions and farmers don't want people hunting on their land any more. Introduce to a child that hunting for food and for sport are integral parts of the American heritage as well as wildlife conservation. They will be in awe of the sound of a Beagle in hot pursuit of a rabbit!

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